Robert likes to say he's not a typical accountant:  "I came into accounting after having lived some life and having traveled some career paths. I think that allows me to potentially understand clients differently than someone who's been in that profession their entire career."

 "I've been a small business owner (a proprietor, a partner and a corporate shareholder), I've worked as an employee, had rental property, dealt with family finance issues - overall, I think I understand what things are like for my clients.  My team also has great real world experience. That doesn't mean better answers than other accountants, I just think we can provide comfort that we know how our clients see the world.  We can add value to the people and businesses we work with because of our training and experience.  I think of it as us being part of different teams trying to achieve success together.  That's an exciting part of what makes me love what we do."



Robert is a B.C. boy.  He has lived and worked in several countries, including Australia, Singapore and the USA, however, he’s lived most of his life in Kelowna.  He finished high school here, then joined the family’s restaurant business.  During this time, Burger Baron grew to 4 locations, won many awards, and offered a great “business bootcamp” experience.

In 1997, he went on to pursue education and work contracts with leading global hotel firms.  Robert eventually moved into Finance as a Stockbroker, and then as an Accountant.

Robert earned a Masters in Professional Accounting and had an excellent career with the Auditor General of British Columbia.  However, his desire to be connected to real people’s lives and businesses ultimately won out.  In January 2010, Robert returned to Kelowna to join the partnership of Schneider Sample Ohlmann.

In January 2016, Robert started Ohlmann & Associates.  “We have great clients, great professional colleagues in the community, and a GREAT team.  “We get to work hard making a difference for people every day.  That’s a unique thing and we are privileged to have the opportunity to do that!”

Robert’s non working time is focused heavily on his family - his wife Sonja and their 2 young sons.  They love to play football, ski and enjoy games and movies together.  Their household prioritizes laughter.  They are a family of travelers but all agree home is the best place to be.

Robert supports various causes.  He gives back to his community by volunteering at his children’s school, his church and coaching with Kelowna Minor Football.



Tracy graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelors of Commerce Degree, and her love of accounting and tax has brought her to us. She previously enjoyed a successful career in real estate, and joined the team as an Administrator/ Accounting Technician in 2016.

She has several years of experience in tax preparation, and her enthusiasm is evident. She takes pride in her work and genuinely enjoys helping clients through tax time. Tracy always has a smile ready for our clients and her teammates. 

Although she is a long time resident of B.C., Tracy is a Prairie girl at heart, which can be seen in her friendly demeanor and positive “can-do” attitude. 

When Tracy isn't hard at work, she is enjoying life with her 2 amazing teenagers.  If she isn’t at a hockey arena cheering on her daughter, chances are she’s at one of our local ski hills encouraging her son as he competes in the B.C. Cup Mountain bike races.



Janice assists Ohlmann & Associates as a Senior Accounting Technician contractor, alongside managing her own consulting business.

Janice has been in the bookkeeping/accounting field since 1987, working with a wide range of CPAs, as well as both private and non-profit businesses. She and Robert have worked together since 2010.

She has volunteered with many groups, including the Kelowna Hospital Foundation, Kelowna Catholic School Board and Whizzbang.

Multiple generations of Janice’s family have been born in the Kelowna General Hospital, starting with her mom, herself and her 3 children – truly a Kelowna girl.

Janice loves kayaking, photography and traveling.



In September 2014, Esther moved from her beautiful country, Venezuela, and now feels it is privilege to call the Okanagan Valley home. She holds a Bachelor Degree of Public Accountancy from the University of Carabobo, and joined the team in 2017 with skill, determination, and a friendliness appreciated by all.

Esther enjoys interacting with both people and numbers, skills that assisted her during her time as a university Mathematics tutor, as well as with PRODUVISA, a large Venezuelan corporation. In addition, local agricultural employment has allowed her to showcase her excellent skills in business and administration. 

Esther believes in the importance of teamwork, accuracy, attention to detail and good planning for successful work results. 

As a Caribbean girl, Esther likes beaches, sunny days & riding her bicycle. She also likes meeting new people from other places and learning about different cultures. 

Esther also enjoys spending time with children, particularly her three nieces back in Venezuela. Despite many miles of distance between them, thanks to technology, she feels as though they are just next door. Weekly, Esther studies and prepares lessons for her Sunday school Bible class, where she teaches the preschool class.



Kayle joined the team in early 2018 as an Accounting Technician/Administrator.
She is Kelowna born and raised and doesn’t plan on leaving the beautiful Okanagan. Her love for numbers and learning led her into tax preparation. She has several years of experience helping clients, and always loves expanding her knowledge each year.
She enjoys helping clients to understand their tax situations and how it impacts them. She believes strongly in being a team player and always strives to ensure high quality work. She is very determined which comes across in her positive attitude and work ethic.
When not at work, she takes care of her two young children. She enjoys baking and spending time outdoors in the sun.



Caitlin is a Vancouver native who began her career in the finance industry in 2010 as a customer service representative with TD bank upon relocating to Kelowna.  

Her family business introduced her to bookkeeping in 2011, where she worked with Robert as a client. In 2015, Robert recruited Caitlin to become a part of the team. 

She performs bookkeeping services, as well as completing corporate year ends and personal tax returns at Ohlmann & Associates. In addition, Caitlin helps coordinate administrative matters for the team.

Outside of work, Caitlin takes care of her 2 small children. She enjoys playing volleyball with friends and spending time with her family.