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Corporate Tax

Our Business For Your Business

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Getting corporate tax right is essential for the health of your business.  Even so, in a constantly changing tax environment doing your own taxes can feel like an uphill battle.  This is especially the case in the more complicated areas corporate tax returns.  Ohlmann & Associates can help.  Our team has a number of entrepreneurs and businesspeople who understand not only you and your business's perspective, but also have the tax know-how to accurately complete your return and help you navigate your unique corporate tax situation.

Quality and Clarity

Our work is done to the standard of a Chartered Professional Accountant.  Our mission is to ensure reconciliation, accuracy, and timeliness in the completion of your corporate year end, including your T2 tax return.  Let us be your bridge to satisfying Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requirements, we can help ensure tax filing compliance and explain any questions or issues that may arise.  With Ohlmann & Associates in your corner your business will be more secure and better prepared for the future.

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We Offer:

  • Corporate tax return T2 preparation as part of your corporate year end.

  • Integrated corporate and personal tax planning (including assessing owner compensation)

  • Dividend planning and reporting compliance (T5 Slips)

  • Special Election preparations and other services such as assisting with Capital Dividend payments, Section 85 roll-overs (transferring personal assets into your corporation), and corporate amalgamations

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