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Estate Tax

Empathy and precision are the guiding principles in our estate tax services.  Whether you are planning for the future or are in a season of loss, Ohlmann & Associates is here to serve you.  Let our team of professionals reduce your stress by handling the complex tax law and paperwork that come after the loss of a loved one

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Ohlmann & Associates are here to help resolve all required tax filings with the CRA so you can focus on being with your family during this difficult time. We will work with you to file all necessary tax returns and obtain a clearance certificate.

Estate tax is a different tax world from personal tax with its own rules and regulations.  This can make it incredibly challenging-even for those who have a grasp of personal tax.  Ohlmann & Associates is here to help ease the burden on executors and families with our specialized estate tax technicians while helping them understand the process better.

  • Final (Terminal) personal tax returns for loved ones

  • T3 Trust tax returns for the estates of those we have lost

  • Advice and guidance for Executors (in concert with your legal counsel)

  • Assistance with filing clearance certificate requests to conclude estate matters

  • Compensation/Payroll services for Executors

  • Estate tax planning services

We Offer:

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