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"I've been a small business owner (a proprietor, a partner and a corporate shareholder), I've worked as an employee, had rental property, experienced loss and helped with the resulting estate, dealt with family finance issues - overall, I think I understand what things are like in the lives of our clients.  Our team also has great real world experience. That doesn't mean better answers than other accountants, I just think we know how our clients see the world and can add value to the people and businesses we work with because of our training and experience.”  



Robert has lived and worked on 3 continents, but B.C. is home having lived most of his life in Kelowna.  He finished high school here, and joined the family restaurant business- the iconic Burger Baron of the 1980s and 1990s before pursuing a formal business education and then working with leading global hotel firms.  Robert eventually moved into finance and ultimately into accountancy.

Robert earned his Masters in Professional Accounting while working with the Auditor General of British Columbia.  However, the desire to be connected to real people’s lives and businesses ultimately returned him to Kelowna to join the partnership of Schneider Sample Ohlmann.

In 2016, Robert started Ohlmann & Associates.  “We have fantastic clients, great professional colleagues, and an excellent team who get to work hard making a difference for people each day.  That’s unique, and we are privileged to have that opportunity!”

Robert’s non working time involves giving back to the community by coaching high school football for the Mount Boucherie Bears and supporting that program through other endeavors.  Otherwise, he is focused heavily on his family (wife Sonja and their 2 sons). They love to play games, ski and enjoy laughter together. They are a family of travellers, but all agree home is the best place to be.




Dean joined the team in January 2016. Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Dean completed his Bachelor of Business Administration at the University of Regina and spent time articling with a larger CA firm in Prince Albert. Kelowna has been home to Dean and his family for the last 25 years now and it is here where he moved his career into the private sector as a controller, before returning to public practice with Ohlmann & Associates.


He is responsible for the preparation of corporate year ends as well as income tax returns for both corporations and individuals, and assists on the firm’s trust assurance engagements. Dean believes in continuing education to perform at a higher and more knowledgeable level of service to clients. 

While actively involved at the Board level of Kelowna Minor Football, Dean also coaches his son’s flag and tackle teams, and likes to spend his free time traveling and pursuing the outdoors with friends and family. 

Dean is also a life member of the Kelowna Kinsmen club and was a finalist for the 1998 Fred Macklin Memorial Award (City of Kelowna - Volunteer of the Year).




Quinn joined the team in early 2020. Raised in northern Alberta he started migrating south; expanding his finance career in beautiful Banff for 4 years and eventually transferring to the warmer Kelowna climate in 2015.

Quinn believes in understanding where a client is at and getting to know their business and life so he can help make personalized recommendations and assist them in getting where they want to be. Quinn’s role in the office includes tax file preparation and administrative services. His personal service and extensive background of serving people in finance are a great compliment to the team.

Quinn enjoys helping others work through problems or learn new skills, whether that be in finance, music or technology. With a long background in music he enjoys playing guitar for friends and small groups, along with teaching others who want to pick up the instrument. Coming from a big outdoor environment, Quinn loves to get out in the summer for camping trips around BC and spending time with family and friends around a campfire and on one of our many beautiful lakes. During winter he spends time on the local mountains, snowboarding on our amazing powder and varied terrain.




Dillon is a graduate of the Bachelors of Business Administration program at Okanagan College with a wealth of varied experience. During his time at Okanagan College he spent 9 months in Linyi, China on student exchange where he traveled and studied Mandarin.

Dillon joined the team in early 2020 and has previously worked at Omland Heal (an independent accounting firm in Penticton), and recently worked as a General Accountant at the Delta Grand Okanagan Resort in Kelowna.

Dillon was born and raised in Penticton but has called Kelowna home for several years. Dillon is a big music fan, Dillon always enjoys telling a joke and having a good laugh, and can be sometimes seen cycling around town.

Ohlmann CPA team bio picture Seth Lewis


Seth is a student in the Bachelors of Business Administration program at Okanagan College. Seth joined the team in 2021 and is pursuing a career in accounting. He grew up on a farm outside the city of Cambridge, Ontario, before moving to study in Kelowna. 

On the farm, Seth worked as a farm hand, helping his parents to take care of their goat business. As a young entrepreneur, Seth also operated his own chicken-raising business, selling chicken eggs to local customers and family friends.

Seth believes that effective communication, diligent planning, and strategizing are the foundations for effective work. He has always enjoyed working with numbers and developing strategies in various areas. In high school, he had experience competing in finance competitions and testing stock market trading strategies. 

Seth enjoys reading, and he enjoys spending time with his brother and sister-in-law and friends from church



Ohlmann CPA team bio picture Ann An

Runqin joined the team in January 2023. Runqin was born and raised in China and speaks fluent Mandarin as well as fluent English. While still in China she graduated from University with a Law degree but has never practiced here in Canada. She also taught elementary English in a private school prior to immigrating to Canada. Initially, when arriving in Canada, she worked in the Hospitality Industry at Hotels throughout Kelowna.


Runqin understands the value of higher education and hard work. She chose accounting as a career and during Runqin’s second year at Okanagan College went on to work for Crowe Mackay LLP (an accounting firm) and Pacific Quorum (A rental management company for condo developments) in their accounting department while pursuing her bachelor’s degree in accounting.  Throughout these years, she volunteered her time assisting both Okanagan College and Kelowna Community Resources with personal tax returns.

At the time, her husband was CEO of a large service and labour supplier company for three diamond mines, with their Head Office being in Yellowknife.  As such, there were many evening conversations about business with Runqin and many Financial Statements to review and explore. Runqin found these conversations very inspiring and filled with information as it relates to her present career path.



Manpreet joined the team in January 2024.

Born and raised in Punjab (India), Manpreet completed her high school in Punjab and then moved to Canada for further studies. Manpreet is a graduate (with distinction) of Business Administration Diploma at Okanagan College. She lived for quite a while in Penticton before looking north and deciding to move to Kelowna.

Manpreet is passionate about learning and displays a tenacity for completing high quality financial work for clients, and is always happy to assist her teammates. She is bold in taking on new challenges, and enjoys making those around her smile and laugh. One of the career goals for Manpreet is to become a CPA.



O&A_Cassandra_HS Crop.jpg

Raised in West Kelowna and a graduate of Mount Boucherie Secondary School, Cassandra joined the team in 2024. She spent a few years in Edmonton, Alberta, but decided to come back to the Okanagan Valley in 2016 where she found her passion for business and enrolled in the Bachelor of Business Administration program at Okanagan College in 2020. To her surprise, she found a passion for the world of accounting. She is completing her degree and is in pursuit of a CPA designation with plans for a career in public practice.

Cassandra has a diverse personal and work background, giving her the ability to understand various business foundations and meet a client where they are at with compassion and empathy. She has excelled no matter the situation. She also has a passion for giving back through her volunteer work with Interior Health’s Mental Health and Substance Use to help improve systematic difficulties and potentially the lives of those who continue to meet challenges through those struggles.

Cassandra strives for continuous improvement in her professional and personal life while taking the time to soak up and enjoy the small things in life.

Achieving even the most overwhelming of goals can be achieved by the everyday small attainable goals moving gradually in the desired direction.



Tyler values teamwork, communication, and hard work.


Tyler joined the team in 2024 and is currently a student in the Bachelors of Business Administration program at Okanagan College. He wishes to pursue a career in accounting.


Born and raised in Kelowna, Tyler has been immersed in the world of sports from a young age, dedicating over a decade to competitive hockey.  He also enjoys getting out and spending time with friends and family. Tyler is constantly looking for ways to grow and learn. He strives to help others whenever he can to support those around him. With an advanced proficiency in mathematics and a passion for problem-solving, Tyler thrives in tackling challenges head-on, approaching each obstacle with creativity and determination.

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