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Personal Tax

If you find completing your personal taxes challenging, Ohlmann and Associates can help.  Our suite of personal tax services will make filing timely, accurate, and easier for you.  We believe people are prepared to pay their fair share – but nothing more, and our team will work with you to ensure that you get appropriate tax treatment.  Our attention-to-detail centered process is at the core of the work our team does for you.  Our tax experts have the experience to provide service personalized to you and your needs.

Personal tax return (T1) preparation

Our client's returns are prepared by a team of  experienced experts and are reviewed by a Chartered Professional Accountant before filing.  No matter what your personal tax situation is, Ohlmann & Associates has the experience and tools to help.

Calculations and tax planning in relation to capital gains

Navigating the impact of your capital gains, both now and in the future is a specialty of Ohlmann & Associates.  Our team can help you feel confident about your capital gains taxation and understand the possible issues capital gains may create. 

 Tax reporting for self employment, employment expenses and rental properties

We are happy to assist small business owners, commission salespeople, and rental property owners with their specific tax needs.  We will complete your regular tax return as well as a GST return should it be required.

Tax planning consultations

Our team of professionals can help set you up for success in your tax return for future years with our seasoned expert advice.  Our services help you navigate the ever changing landscape of personal tax

Assisting with income splitting (pensioners)for tax purposes

Pension splitting can be a confusing subject for seniors.  Mistakes can result in unnecessary OAS claw backs.  Thankfully Ohlmann & Associates makes pension splitting easy for pensioners though our optimization process.

TFSA, RESP, and RRSP contribution consultations

Ohlmann & Associates can help you invest in you and your family's future with consultations and planning.  Our team can prepare a planning file and help explain the possible impacts of RRSP contributions.​

Ohlmann & Associates is Here For You

Our team has experience with helping individuals in many different personal tax situations.  If you have any questions about a specific situation we can help you with, feel free to contact us through our website or give us a call to see how Ohlmann & Associates is the right accountant for your needs.


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