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Accounting is a respectable profession which carries significant responsibility.  It is a profession which we take seriously.  We offer services to both businesses and individuals.  We are committed to providing professional services, with a “real person” touch.  

Let us focus on your accounting needs so you can manage your business and enjoy your life.


We offer:

  • Corporate year ends (financial statement and corporate tax return packages)

  • Compilation (Notice to Reader) financial statement engagements

  • Review of financial statement engagements

  • Real Estate Council or Law Society Trust Specified Procedure engagements

  • Assistance with accounting projects and the analysis of financial data

  • Services to assist charities and Not For Profit Societies



Taxes affect us all and always will.  We believe people are prepared to pay their fair share – but nothing more.  We share this perspective and work hard to make it reality.



We assist businesses with their tax compliance needs


We offer:

  • Corporate tax return (T2) preparation

  • Integrated corporate and personal tax planning (including assessing owner compensation)

  • Dividend planning and reporting compliance (T5 Slips)

  • Special Election preparations and other services such as assisting with Capital Dividend payments, Section 85 roll-overs (transferring personal assets into your corporation), and corporate amalgamations



We also assist individuals and business people (proprietor and partnerships) with their tax filing requirements.  


We offer:

  •  Personal tax return (T1) preparation

  •  Tax reporting for self employment (business) and rental properties

  •  Assisting with income splitting (pensioners)for tax purposes

  •  Services to claim employment expenses (salespersons and commission    staff)

  •  Calculations and tax planning in relation to capital gains 

  •  Tax planning consultations

  •  TFSA, RESP, and RRSP contribution consultations



Whether planning for your family’s needs and future, or when a season of loss arrives- we will be there when you need us and we value the opportunity to help.


We offer:

  • Final personal tax returns for loved ones

  • T3 Trust tax returns for the estates of those we have lost

  • Advice and guidance for Executors (in concert with your legal counsel)

  • Assistance with filing clearance certificate requests to conclude estate matters

  • Compensation/Payroll services for Executors

  • Estate tax planning services

Estate Tax


We are interested in you and your business. We have ideas and experience to share, as well as the ability to offer guidance on many matters.


We offer:

  • Assistance with starting and structuring your new business

  • Analysis and support for those acquiring existing businesses

  • “Incorporate or not” consultations 

  • Business and profitability analysis

  • Planning and assistance with the sale of your business 

  • Business valuation discussions and considerations

  • Succession planning assistance

Business Advisory


We provide reliable and efficient bookkeeping services on a schedule appropriate to your needs.  We can then effectively transfer your bookkeeping into a corporate year end (Financial Statements and Corporate Tax Return) should you require it.

Throughout the year we can assist with the full range of responsibilities and compliance requirements a business owner has. Our goal is to help you keep it all under control with current financial information, to assist you with making sound business decisions.


We offer:

  • Full-cycle bookkeeping

  • Sales tax (GST/PST) calculation and filing services

  • Payroll services and T4, T4A & T5018 preparation

  • Payroll advisory services (compensation planning, employee vs. subcontractor, etc)

  • Assistance with Worksafe BC reporting

  • Controller services

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